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Lucille DeFina   1-516-578-2645

My Credentials and Memberships:

  • Member of ASP® Home Staging Network & the International Association of Home Staging (IAHSP®) Professionals 

  • Certified ASP® Home Stager

  • Licensed Real Estate Consultant

My background as a designer and merchandiser for 20 years, taught me not only to listen closely to what buyers are looking for, but to assist sellers on how to make their products marketable & desirable. I am extremely honest & realistic, and have always had a great eye for what is current and trending. I have always had a secret passion for real estate and interior design. After working for a realtor in Florida in 2012 in the vacation rental market, I decided to apply my talents to transforming and creating dream homes that people can envision themselves living in, no matter what the price range. I treat each & every home with high regard and with the utmost attention. My goal is to bring out the homes finest features, enhance its strong points and make the negatives less noticeable. 

I have compassion for those who do not have a large amount of money to spend and I try hard to work within everyone's budget. Guidance and creativity does not need to cost a fortune and you would be surprised how much you can do with very little. Although I am a licensed Real Estate agent, I am not active as an agent. My objective is strictly Staging and to work as a team with your real estate agent or who ever is responsible for selling the home. Staging a home is very different from interior design, it's not personal - it's understanding what potential buyers are looking for and making the home spacious & functional for today's lifestyle. I promise to make your home or investment property catch the eye of every potential buyer searching in your price range to maximize viewings & showings and bring your home all the attention it needs to make selling a success! 


It is my goal to make sure your home looks better than your competition, sells for top dollar and as quickly as possible! If that's what you want and need, then give me a call. Better to do it "right" from the start, but it's never too late to give your listing a whole NEW look! Everyday that your listing sits on the market without getting visibility and interest, you lose money! The service of Staging and extra attention to detail does not only help home owners and their realtors, but it is an extremely beneficial tool for Investors and Builders as well. A small investment can save you thousands & thousands of dollars and give your home an extra edge in the marketplace and stand out from all the rest! 

Staged Long Island | Home Staging to Sell Your Home in Long Island

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