You couldn't appreciate the beauty of this living room until it was Staged. This Long Island home came to life with the right decor and accessories to make the focal point, this dramatic contemporary fireplace. 

This is the type of space, that needs to Home Staged. People cannot envision what to do with it. Turning it into a comfy spot to relax and enjoy the view, made all the difference! 

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Configuring your home to make the best use out of the space can increase your value by thousands. With a simple remedy of re-arranging furniture, this home tripled in size and in value! 

This tiny starter home on Long Island, sat on the market for almost a year. No one could figure out how they would furnish it. After Staging, it sold within one week and looked twice the size with Staging! 

A spare room that seemed to have no function, easily fit a twin bed and turned into a child's bedroom or guest room and yes, the closet door had room to open!

One the main reasons this home was not selling was because no one thought a King bed could fit in this master bedroom. Prove them wrong and take away that element of doubt the home sold immediately! 

Did you know that vacant rooms look smaller? 

Make your buyers envision themselves living there, make them never want to leave! 



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Kevin's Merrick Kitchen
#3 Full LvRm to Kitchen
Maizy's DR
LR with Fireplace Village Victorian
Facing Fireplace
Merrick LR After Staged
Southampton Loft - After Staged
N.Main St, Southampton MB After Staged
Southampton, NY - LR After Staged
slide Joan Ct from table
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#16 mb
close up of New Hampshire
Lee Pl DR table
My pic from DR to DEN
George Ct from tv wall
Harbor Living Room
close up Dining Area
Living Room
Chester #1
Staged LR 111 N.Main St
Harbor Bath
Rutler Lving room
Down Den Joan Court
7 close up banquette
Woodbury den
Kanwar's Serena After Stage
Acorn Staged 4

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